Hotel Slippers

Model 1

hotel slipper double layer single sole micropolyester terry 5mm

Double layer, single sole, micro polyester terry 5mm.

Model 2

hotel slipper micropolyester terry slipper single layer

Micro polyester terry slipper single layer.

Model 3

hotel slipper single layer cotton towel

Single layer cotton towel slipper.

Model 4

hotel slipper cardboard nonslip cotton towel slipper double layer

Cardboard nonslip, cotton towel slipper, double layer.

Model 5

hotel slipper double layer cotton towel slipper with or without embroidery

Double layer cotton towel slipper with or without embroidery.

Model 6

hotel slipper nonwoven

Nonwoven slippers.

Model 7

hotel slipper cotton velvet towel double sole double layer

Cotton velvet towel, double sole, double layer.

Model 8

hotel slipper double layer double sole micropolyester terry slipper labeled

Double layer, double sole, micro polyester terry slipper labeled.