How to Care Bed Linens

We start and end the day, and spend almost a third of our lives in our beds. How we feel there will affect our quality of lifes. The care of the mattress, bed sheets, pillows, comfoter, etc.. is very important to create relaxing sleeps.

How to care your bed linens
Altough how often you wash your bed linens is a personal choice, weekly laundry is reccomended to remove oil, dirt and dust. To avaid any shrinkage use warm water, and inside out the printed and colored pillowcases to protect the color.

stains and spots: to remove the spots and stains, use oxygenated bleach on whites and light colors. Chlorine bleach will damage your high quality bed sheets. Cosmetics and face lotions mostly contains oxidizing agents which can bleach your sheets. Therefore , that would be ideal to use white pillow cases or bed sheets.
Try to avoid fabric softeners when washing. Fabric softeners works by coating the surface a very light layer of wax or grease. These will attract skin and hair oils, and also cause acne production.

If you use tumbler dryer, watch out care label instructions. Removing your bed sheets before they are fully dry can minimize the wrinkles. Before storing them , to avoid mildew growth, make sure that sheets are dry. İroning, of course if you have enough time, enable your seets to be seen new again.
You can keep your spare bed linens neatly folded,in a dry place. Plastic containers keep the moisture and this will help growth of mildew.

March 10, 2016